The corporation's primary annual meeting is Otakon itself. Anyone who purchases a membership in Otakorp is invited to attend Otakon as a member of the corporation. Those who meet other defined requirements may also vote, much as shareholders in for-profit corporations do. Primarily, however, we elect a board of directors to manage the affairs of the corporation.

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Otakon is a registered trademark of Otakorp, Inc.


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Board of Directors

Otakorp, Inc. Board of Directors for 2022-2023

  • Brian CutlerPresident
  • John GluthVice President
  • Matt SmiechowskiTreasurer
  • Joey BrunoComptroller
  • Melanie HardyCorresponding Secretary
  • Matthew GravesRecording Secretary
  • Simone BlanchatMember At Large
  • Kenneth BrysonMember At Large
  • Simon ChambersMember At Large
  • Lee FennerMember At Large
  • Lacey KishterMember At Large
  • Kimberly MeraniMember At Large
  • Susan MonroeMember At Large